Tinkerer VR is an interactive performance that utilizes real time motion-capture to provide each individual with a unique narrative experience, a narrative that centers on two characters and their juxtaposing arcs: a grandchild's maturation and an aging grandfather's decline. This is an experience that endeavors to employ the immersive medium of VR to capture the profound mental deterioration attendant Alzheimer’s disease. 


Several of the contributors have been personally affected by Alzheimer's disease and thereby have been able to each add elements of their own individual experiences with their loved ones. On account of this, the experience possesses a certain verisimilitude. 


One of the things that makes Tinker VR particularly unique is its incorporation of a human NPC; where as most interactive mediums rely extensively on A.I. driven NPCs, Tinker VR's main NPC is actually an on location actor. This adds an organic, unpredictable quality to each telling of the story, which in turn ensures each participant's experience of the narrative is unique to them. 

2d Film

The VR experience is an evolution of the Senior film that Lou created at SCAD