A live bespoke theater experience
about Alzheimer's disease

Step inside the Grandfather’s workshop to explore a world where you are the main character. In a revolutionary new form of virtual reality that fuses live performance with bespoke, unscripted narrative, you get to play, explore and create freely alongside your fun-loving and adventurous Grandfather, performed by a live professional actor.

Join us inside this personalized, interactive theater experience to explore the value of connection and the importance of making new memories with the ones we love.

"This story was inspired by my grandfather’s own battle with Alzheimer’s Disease that began over 5 years ago. He has since passed away. Everything in the workshop is inspired by my grandfather’s own workshop and my experience growing up alongside him there. This experience is dedicated to him, and to everyone who has been affected by neurodegenerative disease. Everyone loses someone, but we are the memories we create.” Lou Ward, Director

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