How do I get a ticket?

You must have a Sundance New Frontier promo code emailed to you directly from Sundance after purchasing a Sundance New Frontier ticket. This promo code must be used when the notification pops up in the Tinker booking lobby (the Attic). After you enter the code, you will be able to choose a showtime from the menu.

After I get my ticket, what’s the next step?

Make sure you are at the performance 15 minutes before showtime. Enter the Attic lobby just as you did to choose a showtime and wait in the Attic lobby. At the start of showtime, you will be automatically teleported to the start of the performance. 

I noticed there are two characters to choose from, which one should I select?

You can participate in the Tinker performance as either the Grandchild (the “User”) or the Viewer. The User is one of the main characters and will be able to speak and have an active role in the performance. The Viewer will not be able to be seen or heard, however, they will be able to view the performance from a first person perspective. There are multiple Viewers per performance.

Can I be seated for the performance?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during the performance. If you are the Viewer, you can sit during the entire performance if you wish. We do recommend that if you choose the User, you secure a comfortable play area so that you may move around and interact with the Grandfather easily and safely. 

Will I receive a follow up email?

No you will not be getting any additional material sent to your email. Please make sure to show up for the showtime you select 15 minutes prior to the performance to ensure you get to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience!